Top 10 Constituents Of FBM KLCI

FBM KLCI Top 30 Companies by market capitalization.

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) represents the top 30 companies by market capitalization on the Bursa Malaysia Main Market that pass the relevant investability screens. It is the headline index of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Index Series.
Below are the top 10 constituents of FBM KLCI: (click the image to enlarge)
top 10 constituents

from: FTSE Bursa Malaysia

Malaysia Upcoming Oil and Gas Projects

List of Malaysia upcoming Oil&Gas projects, location, scope of works, contract amount and the likely bidders.

1.  Jobs: Exxon-Mobil's enhanced oil recovery
Location: Rejuvenation of Tapis, Telok, Seligi, Guntong, Semangkok, Irong Barat, Tabu and Palas oilfiields off Peninsula, Sabah & Sarawak.
Scope of works: Central processing platforms, gas compression systems, process equipment, MOPU, tender rigs, offshore vessels
Contract RM(mil): 10,000
Likely bidders: MMHE, SapuraKencana, Wah Seong, Bumi Armada, Alam Maritim
2. Jobs: Carigali-Hess' North Malay gas project- fast track basis
Location: North Malay basin (Blocks PM301 and PM302), near JD
Scope of works: Central processing plafform, 8 well head platforms, 200km pipeline
Contract RM(mil): 16,000
Likely bidders: MMHE, SapuraKencana, Wah Seong, Bumi Armada, Alam Maritim
3. Jobs: Shell's deepwater Malikai project
Location: Malikai field, off Sabah
Scope of works: Fabrication of tension leg platform, installation of pipelines and facilities
Contract RM(mil): 5,000
Likely bidders: MMHE, SapuraKencana, Wah Seong, Bumi Armada, Alam Maritim
4. Jobs: Petrronas Carigali's EOR projects
Location: Dulang, Semarang, Bokor
Scope of works:  Central Processing Platforms for enhanced oil recovery .
Contract RM(mil): 5,000
Likely bidders: MMHE, Sapura Kencana, Wah Seong, Bumi Armada, Alam Maritim
5. Jobs: Petronas' 1mil tonne FLNG
Location: Kimanis gas field
Scope of works: 1st floating liquiefied natural gas carrie
Contract RM(mil): 6,000
Likely bidders: Technip-Daewoo, MMHE
6. Jobs: Murphy Oil, 1.5mil tonne FLNG
Location: Rotan, off Sabah
Scope of works: 2nd floating liquiefied natural gas carrie
Contract RM(mil): 9,000
Likely bidders: GC Corp, Toy o Engineering
7. Jobs: Murphy Oil, 1.5mil tonne FLNG
Location: Rotan, off Sabah
Scope of works: 2nd floating liquiefied natural gas carrie
Contract RM(mil): 9,000
Likely bidders: GC Corp, Toyo Engineering
8. Jobs: Shell Malay sia's EOR projects
Location: Baram Delta, off Saraw ak and North Sabah
Scope of works: Enhanced oil recov ery proejcts
Contract RM(mil): 38,000
Likely bidders: MMHE, Sapura Kencana, Wah Seong, Bumi Armada, Alam Maritim
9. Jobs: 25 marginal field projects
Location: Peninsula, Sabah & Sarawak 
Scope of works: New risk-sharing contract from Petronas.
Contract RM(mil): 52,500
Likely bidders: Sapura Kencana,Dialog Group, Petra Energy , Scomi Marine, Puncak Niaga, UMW Oil & Gas, Bumi Armada
10. EPCIC jobs: Petronas' umbrella tender for shallow water jobs
Location: Peninsula, Sabah & Sarawak
Scope of works: 5-year Hook-up & Commissioning, maintenance contracts.
Contract RM(mil): 10,000
Likely bidders:
Sapura Kencana, Dayang, Alam Maritim, Perdana Petroleum
11. Jobs: Petronas' Refinery & Petrochemical Integrated Dev elopment and other mutlinationals
Location: Pengerang, Johor Scope of works: Refinery , petrochemical projects
Contract RM(mil): 120,000
Likely bidders: Dialog, Sapura Kencana, Muhibbah Engineering, Ranhill, KNM
12. Jobs: Tank Terminal Projects .
Location: Southern Johor- Pengerang, Tanjung Bin, Tanjung Langsat
Scope of works: Tank terminals for crude oil, petrochemicals, LNG
Contract RM(mil): 10,000 Likely bidders: Dialog, MMC, Benalec, Muhibbah Engineering, Ranhill
13. Jobs: LNG Regassification plants
Location: Malacca, Lahad Datu, Pengerang, Lumut
Scope of works: LNG Regassification plants
Contract RM(mil): 12,000
Likely bidders: LNG Regassification plants Dialog, Muhibbah Engineering, Ranhil
14. Jobs: Malaysia LNG Train 9
Location: Bintulu, Saraw ak Scope of works: 3.6 mil tonne increase to MLNG's liquefaction facilities
Contract RM(mil): 10,000
Likely bidders: JGC Corporation, Chiyoda-Saipem
15.  Jobs: Petronas' Samur
Location: Sipitang, Sabah Scope of works: ammonia/urea plant Fertilizer plant
Contract RM(mil): 4,500
Likely bidders: Muhibbah Engineering, Ranhill
by Amresearch 26 Nov 2012

When Malaysia General Election GE13 To Be Held?

The Malaysia General Election (GE 13) analysis and prediction below is by MIDF research:

Table below shows the election dates of all of the past general elections (GE) since 1959. At first glance it reveals that no particular favored month for a GE to be held but does suggest that a weekend is preferred, possibly to minimize the disruption to the working population.

Election date and day from past elections and parliament duration:
malaysia election ge13

•     Only two parliament editions ran full 5-year mandate.On average, the Malaysian parliament ran for 52.96 months or 4 years, 4 months and 29 days. Applying the average duration, theoretically the 13th GE should be held on Monday, 6 August 2012. Revised to 4 or 5 August 2012 to exclude working days. However, we believe the date is unlikely given past three elections was held during school holidays.
In addition, Budget 2013 is likely to be tabled in September and it falls during Ramadhan month.
•     Other limiting factors. Besides school holidays and Ramadhan, there are several other limiting factors which need to be considered, namely date of school examinations and Haj season. Following the aforementioned logic, the next possible date will be in November and December 2012. We understand that the Sijil Pernilaian Malaysia (SPM) starts on 5 November 2012 to 6 December 2012. Hence, it is possible that the elections could be held in second or third week of December 2012.

FBM KLCI and General Election Affect

Malaysia Stock market trends during election periods

When is the likely month for Malaysia GE13 to be held anyway?
There are many opinion on the likely date: in March 2012 (insider rumors), in Jun 2012 (past 2 GE election were held during school holidays) and then Sept 2012. I think the ruling party is still trying hard to measure 'feel good factor' among the people in order to decide the best date.

The table below show how KLCI trends during the election periods. (click to enlarge)

HwangDBS Vickers:  Looking all the way back to 1978 to analyze stock market trends before and after the GEs, we do not see any apparent trends pre- and post-elections. For example, on a one-month time frame, out of the previous eight GEs, the Malaysian equities market climbed five times before and after the GE.  But in reality, our local bourse tends to show a higher correlation with external factors, like in 2008 when the benchmark KLCI broadly tracked the MSCI Asia ex-Japan Index

klci election effects

FBM KLCI and Sarawak General Election

Sarawak GE vs Bursa Malaysia FBM KLCI

Interesting analysis by Maybank Invetsment Bank research:

Sarawak elections: Back to the drawing board?

Potential pullback. Although Barisan Nasional (BN) secured more than two-thirds of the state assembly seats, the loss of 15 seats was higher than what political analysts had expected. In the May 2006 state elections where BN lost an additional 9.5% of seats, the KLCI was down 1.4% in the one week after the state elections. Price correction of Sarawak stocks was steeper, with politically linked CMS down 7.7% in one week. The trend may be similar over the next few days post the 9.9% additional seat loss by BN last Saturday. We view any upcoming weakness as an opportunity to accumulate the Sarawak construction stocks – our pick is Hock Seng Lee (TP: RM2.30).

Results disappointed? The BN led state government won 55 (77.5%) out of the total 71 seats in the 10th state elections held last Saturday. Chief Minister (CM) Taib’s party, PBB, retained 35 seats (unchanged) but the other two BN component parties had lost out with a total 15 seats falling to the opposition (versus 8 seats lost in the 2006 state elections) with DAP securing 12 seats (+6), and PKR 3 seats (+2). While the BN led government was expected to continue into the new term, the loss of 7 additional seats to the opposition was higher than the 2-3 additional seat loss which political analysts had predicted.

Market reaction the last time. The BN-led state government lost an additional 9.5% of total seats in the 2006 state elections. The broader KLCI was down 14 pts (-1.4%) in the one week after the state elections. At the end of the first month, the KLCI had lost 54 pts (-5.8%), due also to external weakness with the DJIA consolidating 1.8% during the same period. Sarawak stocks saw steeper price decline. Within one week of the May 2006 state elections, politically linked CMS had retraced 7.7%. Others like Encorp and Naim Holdings were down 7.9% and 2.4% respectively. Sarawak-based construction stock HSL retraced 5.1%.

The bright side. Commenting on last Saturday’s state elections, PM Najib said that the BN led government will “fulfill all its pledges to the people”. Besides leadership changes, we believe the promises include development and basic water, electricity and infrastructure needs. On that premise, we continue to expect construction activities to step up, supported by Sarawak’s Corridor of Renewal Energy (SCORE) development programme. Tenders for 27 road packages mostly leading to upcoming new hydro-electric dam projects worth at least RM2b closed last year. We expect construction awards to pick up soon.

13th GE: Uncertainty in timing? On whether BN’s two-thirds victory can be a gauge for the next general elections (GE), PM Najib was quoted as saying that “it is a yes and a no”. “Yes, because we can maintain our momentum to win after the previous victories in various other by-elections held and it has inspired us,” but “No, because it is just a state election and does not reflect the situation of the country as a whole”. Our interpretation of the PM’s remark is that the probability of a snap General Election this year has lowered somewhat compared with prior to the Sarawak State Election when the by-elections were swinging in BN’s favour.



by Maybank IB

Sarawak Government Politically Linked Companies Election Theme Play

Is it not to late to look for some Sarawak Government Link Companies (GLC) or politically linked counters?  

Here some of Sarawak Government Linked Companies (GLC) / Counters On Bursa potential plays stocks for Sarawak State Elections theme play.
Column A = Shr px @16 Dec 2010
Column B = Shr px perf 3-months leading to dissolution of Parliament on 13 Feb 2008 
NLT= not listed then

  A                B            COMMENTS
Cahya Mata S’wak 2.63           34%        42.9% owned by current Chief Minister’s (CM) family

KKB Engineering

1.87           -2%         20.0% associated company of Cahya Mata Sarawak


Naim Holdings

3.46           13%        23.4% owned by Abdul Hamed b Haji Sepawi (current  CM’scousin), and 30% by           businessman Hasmi b Hassan


Dayang Enterprise

2.73            NLT        36.0% owned by Naim Holdings, and 13.5% by Harry b Bujang, an influential businessman


Ta Ann Holdings

4.64            18%       19.4% owned by Abdul Hamed b Hj Sepawi (current CM’s cousin)


Sarawak Plantations

2.56            NLT        32% owned by Abdul Hamed b Haji Sepawi (current CM’s cousin) and Hasmi b Hassan (combined)



0.93            67%       31.3% owned by Mohd Effendi b Norwawi, formerly Vice President of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Sarawak, and former Agriculture Minister and Minister in the PM’s Department – both at the federal government level



0.49          10%      58.2% owned by Zainal Abidin b Haji Ahmad, an influential businessman


Sarawak Consolidated

0.39           1%       21.7% owned by Zainal Abidin b Haji Ahmand, an influential businessman


Sarawak Cable

1.20          NLT       35.4% owned by Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, the eldest son of current CM


SIG Gases

1.04          NLT        17.8% owned by Hanifah Hajar Taib, daughter of current CM


Petra Energy

1.60          NLT        30% owned by Bustari b Yusuf, an influential businessman from Sarawak

from: Malaysia Government Politically Linked Companies

Major infrastructure projects involving Greater KL

You might want to speculate which companies will get which projects. Also you might want to ignore the companies which already awarded recently  with massive million/billion of project  because they were already in the (stale) news and reflected in their share price.

Greater KL NKEA   
1. MRT system (150km)                               RM 36,000 mi       
Comments: MMC-Gamuda    named  PDP. Sg Buloh-Kajang line construction to start in Jul 2011.

2. LRT extension (34km)                              RM 7,000 mil 
Package A awarded (RM1.65b) to TRC and Bina Puri in Nov 2010. Tender for Package B is expected to be called in 2Q2011.

3. Integrated transport terminal in Gombak   RM 300 mil 
Awarded in Jul 2010 to Zelan JV.

10MP, involving Greater KL
Pahang-Selangor raw water transfer            RM 7,000 mil 
3 parcels awarded:
(i) 45km tunnel (RM1.3b) to
(ii) intake & pumping station
(RM318m) to Loh-GKent JV, and
(iii) upstream
pipeline (RM269m) to IJM-JAKS JV. 

Pending award are:
(i) Kelau Dam
(e.RM300m), and
(ii) Langat 2 treatment plant

KLIA 2 (new LCCT)                                        RM 3,000 mil 
3 parcels awarded:
(i) earthworks (RM654m +
RM291m) to WCT and Gadang,
(ii) main terminal & satellite building (RM991m) to UEM-
Bina Puri JV. 

Pending awards are:
(i) runway (e. RM500m), and
(ii) basic infrastructure, land side preparation, control tower, etc. (e. RM500m). 

Source: Company announcements to Bursa, Media.MIB

Of course, Langat 2 treatment  plant (RM5bilion) is the hotest item.